We were thrilled to be asked to be a part of a calligraphy workshop hosted by the gorgeous local jewelry company Fresh Tangerine and the über talented Fancy Cat Studio.

 I headed to the local market to see what flowers I could find that inspired me to make something pretty.  I was only given one direction--that they were mostly decorating with pink and white.   I went into autopilot and bee-lined for the craspedia! I love those yellow balls.  I wouldn't normally opt to put yellow, pink, and white together but sometimes the flowers are just too pretty to pass up. The haul: white hydrangeas, blush pink david austin roses, butter yellow hellebore, bright pink ranunculus, heaven-scented pieris, bulbous poppy pods, and creamy cymbidium orchids. YUM!!

 The results were perfect!  Turns out they had decorated the studio with a lot of yellow pops in that pink and white palette.  Kismit!  Check out some more shots from that fun day!  

A big thank you to all the talented folks that put that day together! Click here for details on everyone involved!