Meghan & Nat have been friends of mine for years so it was a complete honor to be part of their wedding day. The guest list included a lot of dear friends of mine so it was super fun! Meghan & Nat are an adorable couple and their personalities were seen throughout all aspects of their wedding. They chose Cama Beach State Park as the backdrop for their August wedding.  Meghan wanted the flowers to compliment the surroundings so we added tons of ferns and foliages to her bouquet.  Everything used was local and gorgeous.  The only request from Nat was that there be some blue tucked in, which we achieved through eryngium. Their reception was amazing, filled with books lined with personalized library cards--Meghan & Nat's love story includes a library and is very sweet.  I was bummed to miss much of the day and night's activities but it was a very busy wedding season! I did hear that there was not only one but two dances performed for the wedding guests by the bride and groom. I wish I had seen that! It was really special to be a part of this day and see two friends start this journey together. Luckily, I get to see the rest of their continuing love story which has yet to unfold. All the best Meghan & Nat! 

The colors: yellow, whites, greens and blue. 

The haul: hydrangea, gooseneck, white dahlias, umbrella fern, leather fern, raspberry greens, scented geranium, caramel antike roses, white hypericum berries, white anemones, yellow scabiosa and adorable fern curls.

This incredible day and all of these gorg photos were captured by the über talented Jenny J. She does amazing work! Check out more of Meghan & Nat's wedding day on her website here



Wedding season--mostly the summer months-- is my favorite time of year.  The local flowers available to us in Seattle are amazing and the colors are so, so vibrant.  Dahlias are plentiful, the garden roses are spectacular and everything is alive and lush.  Those summer months are what get us Seattleiets through our dreary winters.  Wedding season is fun and overflowing with love though the wedding planning process is long and usually begins months before.  Last March I met an adorable couple, Sara and Chris, for our first consultation. They described their wedding vision and we worked on making their dream wedding come to life.  They were getting married at an rustic old dairy farm turned event space called Dairyland a little less than an hour outside of Seattle in beautiful Snohomish, Washington.  The space is gorgeous! Dairyland has huge vintage whitewashed barn, beautiful gardens and millions of places for unique photos to be shot. Sara & Chris were married in the garden and had the barn set with long farm tables covered in lace for their barbecue and pie reception.  Each place setting had a row of pastels macarons that matched the flowers perfectly. It was a gorgeous day suited for a gorgeous couple. 

The colors: soft muted periwinkle, sage, blush pink, white, coral, peach and purple.

The haul: cafe au lait dahlias, juliet garden roses, dusty miller, light and dark purple lisianthus, scabiosa, peach and pink ranunculus, white hydrangeas, and spicy scented stock. 

 I am so glad to have been a part of the marriage of these two awesome people. Here's to a long happy life together!

p.s He sends her anniversary flowers all the time, it's pretty sweet!  

Location: Dairyland Photography: Jon Kaplan


When I was a kid I tried my hands at a few different sports.  The only one that stuck was baseball. I loved watching the game and playing the game.  I remember watching my brother's little league games and stuffing my mouth full of Big League Chew. To this day he tells me I still don't understand the proper way to chew sunflower seeds.  A few months ago I got a call from him saying he was interviewing for the Seattle Mariners to be their in-game DJ, the guy that cues all the walk up songs, the sound effects, and quintessential baseball songs that you hear at the games.  Needless to say I was stoked for him when he got the job.  He's a huge baseball fan. About a week before opening day I was asked to come to the stadium to do arrangements for the Diamond Club during the Mariner's 2015 baseball season. You would think the two were somehow related but it is just a crazy coincidence that my brother and I both have been offered an opportunity to work with the Mariners! Walking through the stadium and onto the field feels pretty cool.  Baseball evokes a form of nostalgia like nothing else. Call my dad, he'll tell you all kinds of stories--he loves the one where I would have had a home run had I not been so shocked by my hit that I just stood there watching the ball.  I'm excited to have this opportunity--what an experience! Have a good season, boys.  LET'S GO MARINERS! 



 We were thrilled to be asked to be a part of a calligraphy workshop hosted by the gorgeous local jewelry company Fresh Tangerine and the über talented Fancy Cat Studio.

 I headed to the local market to see what flowers I could find that inspired me to make something pretty.  I was only given one direction--that they were mostly decorating with pink and white.   I went into autopilot and bee-lined for the craspedia! I love those yellow balls.  I wouldn't normally opt to put yellow, pink, and white together but sometimes the flowers are just too pretty to pass up. The haul: white hydrangeas, blush pink david austin roses, butter yellow hellebore, bright pink ranunculus, heaven-scented pieris, bulbous poppy pods, and creamy cymbidium orchids. YUM!!

 The results were perfect!  Turns out they had decorated the studio with a lot of yellow pops in that pink and white palette.  Kismit!  Check out some more shots from that fun day!  

A big thank you to all the talented folks that put that day together! Click here for details on everyone involved!


We had a blast during Valentine's Day weekend this year.  SugarPill in Seattle's Capitol Hill hosted Stillwater for our first ever pop-up shop.  It was a new and exciting experience for us and we can't wait to do it again.  Gaging what to buy and make was a new challenge because pop-ups are unpredictable.  I had a ton of help and input from friends in the industry--I am so grateful to have those people championing for me! The experience was incredible. My day was filled with flowers, hearts, chocolate, coffee, donuts and a very cute boy. How could you possibly go wrong?!  Romance is alive and well!

Happy Valentine's Day! Until next year...



Umlaut & Ampersand was born out of a desire to create a floral company unlike any I have found in Seattle, a place where design opportunities are endless and the sky is the limit. I became a floral designer when I was 18--such a wee baby!-- and in the 14 years since I have worked with some of the most renowned florists in Vancouver and Seattle.  That experience allowed me to shape my own style and develop my craft, but even with the constant creative fuel I have found myself needing new challenges.  Friends and colleagues often asked me if I wanted to have my own floral design company.  I didn't think I did. Until Now.  Deciding to work for myself has been the best decision I have made in my career.  The countless hours of dreaming and scheming, writing and creating feel so rewarding.  


This blog is a place to see the personal side of Umlaut & Ampersand.  I'm not totally sure how it will shape up, but I am excited to share the journey with you.  It feels awesome to live in a time where connecting and sharing dreams is easier than ever.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.  Anything is possible.