When I was a kid I tried my hands at a few different sports.  The only one that stuck was baseball. I loved watching the game and playing the game.  I remember watching my brother's little league games and stuffing my mouth full of Big League Chew. To this day he tells me I still don't understand the proper way to chew sunflower seeds.  A few months ago I got a call from him saying he was interviewing for the Seattle Mariners to be their in-game DJ, the guy that cues all the walk up songs, the sound effects, and quintessential baseball songs that you hear at the games.  Needless to say I was stoked for him when he got the job.  He's a huge baseball fan. About a week before opening day I was asked to come to the stadium to do arrangements for the Diamond Club during the Mariner's 2015 baseball season. You would think the two were somehow related but it is just a crazy coincidence that my brother and I both have been offered an opportunity to work with the Mariners! Walking through the stadium and onto the field feels pretty cool.  Baseball evokes a form of nostalgia like nothing else. Call my dad, he'll tell you all kinds of stories--he loves the one where I would have had a home run had I not been so shocked by my hit that I just stood there watching the ball.  I'm excited to have this opportunity--what an experience! Have a good season, boys.  LET'S GO MARINERS!